Christine Espinal

Spatial Design + Furniture

No Special Occasion

Conceptual Spatial Design + Logo
Cocktail and Listening Room

Domino Bench 

Birch Plywood and Oak wood
60”L x 14”D x 15”H
Custom designed for Mellany Sanchez :: Aqui Me Quedo 2022 

Puddle Sconce :: Butter

Designed by Christine Espinal + Alvaro Ucha Rodriquez
Available at Lichen


Mesa Tres

Baltic Birch Plywood

Dimesions: 24” H x 18” W x 13” D
Designed and built by Christine Espinal.

Wine Rack

Assembled by hand at the Lichen studio
16.75"H x 11.25"W x 5.75"D

Lacquered Baltic birch